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2020 Team Procedures



Each Team may have 40 players on their Roster. The maximum handicap index is 29.4. Players with an index higher than 29.4 can be on the Roster but must play down to a 29.4 index. 

To be eligible, a player must have a current GHIN handicap and be a member in good standing of their Club's Women's Golf Auxiliary/Association. 

Substitutions may be made to your Roster if a player must drop out due to illness, injury, moves away, no longer a Club member, etc. In addition, should a Team not begin with the maximum of 40 players, then additional players may be added during the season. 

Should there be any substitutions/ additions to a Roster, the Team Captain must notify all other Captains and Chairman in advance of the upcoming match(s) to be played. Please send copies to Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Captains shall exchange alphabetical and numerical Rosters (including GHIN #’s) and information sheets prior to January 17, 2020. (Copies to Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary.)



Players will play to their average index from January 1, 2019 thru December 15, 2019. Each Club will be responsible for preparing their Roster's indexes and handicaps. Rosters must clearly show the parameters that were used to calculate the average (i.e. January 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019.)

It is the responsibility of the Team Captains and their players to verify their playing handicaps for each match. If you are given a handicap higher than allowed, and it is not corrected before you begin the match, you will be disqualified. If you are given a lower handicap than allowed, and it is not corrected before you begin the match, you must play to it. (See USGA Rule 3.2c.)

Visiting Captains are first to send their lineup with course handicaps at the Away Course. We suggest sending a week before the match, but no less that 48 hours.

Then Host Captains add their players with course handicaps and send it back to the Visiting Captains prior to match date.

Further changes to the lineup may be made up to 8 pm the night before the match, due to illnesses or player availability, but not as a lineup strategy.

Players must be positioned in the lineup by course handicap in ascending order.

Alternates may be moved into the lineup prior to the match starting but must be placed in accordance to her handicap.

In the event a substitution is required after any match has begun, an eligible Alternate may take the place of the withdrawn player if they have the equivalent or higher Course handicap. If the Alternate has a higher Course Handicap she will play down to the Course Handicap of the withdrawn player.

You may not put in a substitute player who has a lower handicap than the one withdrawing. 



There will be 11 Teams playing all other Teams in a Home or Away format. All Teams will have 5 Home matches and 5 Away matches.

There will be no playoffs.

Each Team will field seven (7) sides (minimum 13 players.)  Only one side may play short. It is the Captain's discretion which side plays short. Playing short must be out of necessity vs. a rotation strategy. A Team cannot forfeit a side. If 13 players cannot be fielded the match must be rescheduled.*

Each Team may bring up to 3 Alternate Teams if allowed by Host Club. 

*In the event of an emergency the morning of the match, and a Team shows up with less than 13 players prior to the starting time, and there are no Alternates available, both Teams must be reshuffled to play 6 full-sided matches. 

At the end of the match the Captains will use the mathematical practice of "truing up" the 6-sided match to a 7-sided match. This formula will be on the bottom of the 2020 Match Results sheets.  (6 Side's total points x 7 divided by 6, rounding to nearest 2 decimal points. Both sides should add up to 126.)

Any situation that occurs the morning of the match, with players from both Teams in place to compete, a Club has availed themselves to host the match and food has been ordered, both Captains must do everything they can to complete the match rather than send everyone home and reschedule. 



Hole points will be used. The Team winning the highest Gross points will be the Gross Winner and the Team with the highest Net points will be the Net Winner. 

Should a Team have the most Gross & Net points of all other Teams, that Team will be the winner of the category in which they have the most total points, be it Gross or Net.

In the case of a tie at the end of the Season, we will use the "Back 9 Method" from all of the Season's matches to break a tie between the two Teams tied. Team Captains must keep complete scorecards, listing each Team's "Best Ball" scores on each hole until Regular Season has been completed and winners have been announced.

Rules Disputes


If a Rules dispute arises between players, and cannot be resolved before teeing off on the next hole, a claim must be made (USGA Rule 2-5). The match should proceed.

The Committee for Rules Disputes are the two Team Captains or their representatives the day of the match. If Team Captains cannot locate a rule or decision in the Rules Book, they may consult a Pro or Assistant Pro to look up the rule or decision. However, the Pros or any other outside agency may not resolve the dispute.

Rules Disputes Procedure

The two Team Captains should try to resolve the claim. If they are not able to resolve the dispute,

The two Team Captains should try to resolve the claim. If they are not able to resolve the dispute, the two Team Captains should proceed in the following order:

A.  The Captains complete a Charter League Rules Dispute Form (see Addendum A) and submit it via fax or email to the Charter League Chairman or League representative no later than 4:00 pm. The Team Captains must immediately follow up with a call to that Charter League Chairman or League representative.

B.  The Charter League representative will contact the SCGA for final ruling.

C.  The final Results Sheet should not be signed until there is a final ruling.

SCGA requests the Team Captains do not contact them directly for any Team issue (including disputes.)  Please address your questions and/or concerns to the Charter League Board. A Board member will contact the SCGA on behalf of the League. 

Slow Play


Slow play should not be tolerated and Team Captains are responsible for their players and their pace of play. 

Due to new USGA Rule 6.4 regarding Order of Play, we will now add the option to "play out of turn by agreement" to save time if your group is falling behind. This does not mean you decide on the first hole you're going to "play out of turn" for the entire round. 

Honors should be adhered to on the putting green. 

Putting after the hole is conceded slows down play and is discouraged by the League. However, if you are in position, the group in front of you is still on the next tee box, and there is no group waiting for you to clear the green, you may finish putting for score posting. 

Cell Phones


Cell phones will be allowed for emergencies only. No texting or calls unless totally necessary and can only be checked in restrooms or comfort stations. The phone should be on Silence.  

If the above rule is not adhered to, the player abusing the cell phone rule will be deemed “out of the hole”, even if she has putted out. 

The cell phone policy in effect at the Home Course, if stricter than outlined above, will govern use of cell phones.

This information must be included on the Information Sheets.

Distance Finders


Hand held distance devices and/or GPS systems approved by the USGA will be allowed during Team play, provided the Hosting Club local rules allow. Distance devices that measure elevation change/slope/wind speed, etc are not allowed.  First offense penalty is loss of hole. Second offense is DQ. Cell phone Apps will not be allowed during Team play.

This information must be included on the Information Sheets.



Each Club will provide two (2) Caddies per foursome, unless logistically impossible. Each Club will set their Caddie fees for walkers and/or riders and include the suggested Caddie fees on their Club Information Sheet. Caddie fees must specify whether the cost includes a tip or not.

Captains should remind their players of suggested Caddie fees and policies prior to their “away” matches to avoid any embarrassment or misunderstandings.  

Visiting Teams should provide the Host Team Captains a list of their walkers and riders.

Team players may not bring their own Caddies to another Club.

Other Fees/Policies


Team Captains will include ALL fees associated with matches played at their Club on their Information Sheets.

Examples include:

Caddies fees:  Suggested rate/tip.

Cart Fees: Per person.

Lunch: Cost and reservation/cancellation policy.*

Inter-Club Billing: Charge per transaction.

Tipping Policies: Valet, Locker Room, etc.

*Visiting Club Captains should give a head count for those who will be staying for lunch. Host Clubs have the right to bill visiting players who have made a commitment to stay for lunch but do not stay. 



Rain in the forecast, prior to match date:

If rain is in the forecast, Team Captains will agree to reschedule the match by 8:00 pm the night before. These decisions will be based on the best available weather forecasts. Please reschedule any cancelled matches as soon as possible.

Rain day of match:

If golf carts are allowed “Out of the Barn”, the match will be played. Cart path only is not an excuse to reschedule the match. 

Course becomes unplayable during match:

If a match in progress be called by the Club's Pro or other official due to unplayable conditions, and all sides have completed 13 holes or more, the remaining points may be halved to avoid rescheduling. The decision of the match results is up to both team's Team Captains and will stand as "official". 

However, if less than 13 holes have been played by any or all sides, and play cannot resume in a timely manner, then the match and all points are cancelled. The match must be reschedule and replayed in its entirety. 



It is the responsibility of the Team Captains or their Handicap Chairman to make sure all member's scores are being posted in compliance with the USGA handicap system.

Players must enter a score on every hole. This should be her actual score, or if she picked up, a score she most likely would have made and/or a score not to exceed her Equitable Stroke Control limit. 

Practice Rounds


Practice rounds are at the discretion of the individual Clubs. 



There are two perpetual traveling trophies – one for Gross & one for Net. The winner’s trophies will be engraved and displayed at the winner’s Club for the year. The winning Teams and Runner-Up will be awarded permanent plaques to keep. The permanent plaques for  “Runner-Up” will read:

Charter League - Gross Runner-Up” 

“Charter League - Net Runner-Up”

Hole-In-One Awards: Any player having a Hole-in-One during a match will receive a pendant from Charter League. There will be a limit to one pendant per player for a lifetime. Should any player be fortunate to have more than one Hole-in-One, they will receive a letter of congratulations and Certificate of Achievement.  Captains must notify the Charter League Board by May 15, 2020 the player's name, date, location and hole number in order to receive the pendant at the Annual Awards Luncheon.